An old corporate philosophy which starts since 1964, when Romanelli family, the foundators of the group, starts creating the first sweater factory involved in the high level hand made cashmere products.
The passion, the expertice, the care of shapes and details of their collections, brings the company nowadays to stand in the market as one of the highest level cashmere quality products.
Ca'VAGAN today is present with two flagship Store in Italy and 340 multi-brand in Europe.

The brand was born in the most flourishing of Repubbliche Marinare, crossroads of trade between cultures and peoples, able of gathering the best of East and West, such as the production and processing of garments in cashmere, the most precious yarn, an art that Ca’VAGAN has made his own, becoming a relevant exponent.
Its story starts from the highlands of Mongolia, where climate and an old tradition made them the best place for cashmere production and processing.
In those wild lands are bred the Hircus goats, a famous race for the extraordinary quality of its fleece, from which the skilled hands of local artisans obtain and process the cashmere with its peculiar incomparable fineness, softness and length of fibers. Inner Mongolian Creations for Ca’VAGAN are full of all the value and charm of those places at the edge of the world.