“The Kings’ fiber”, this was cashmere’s definition fot its noble characteristics. Soft to the touch and gentle on the shin.
It keeps constant the body’s temperature in all climatic conditions. Our cashmere is sourced from Inner Mongolia, home of the very finest cashmere.Here the goats “Hircus” live in very cold climates. In Inner Mongolia temperatures plummet to minus 30 degrees and winters are seven months long.
The Ca'VAGAN collections use the highest quality standards of cashmere following all the processing steps of this noble fiber.
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All cashmere processing phases are followed with extreme carefulness: from the knitting, during which the yarn is knitted passing from the cone to the knitting machine, till the linking phase, the important moment in which all parts are composed to produce the finished garment with all its different elements.
The processing goes on with the washing, the indispensable treatment to obtain the finishing of cashmere, and ends with the serious phase of final controlling.