The art of glass processing in Venice has got ancient origin. Master glassmakers from the isle of Murano created true works of art since before year 1000, following the ancient Phoenician and Alexandrian techniques.

Murano artisans sublimated that tradition with the Murrine, small glass pearls, handmade by pouring the molten glass into suitable molds and following scrupulously precise geometric and floral drawings. With their elegant transparency and refined chromatism, the Murrine have been for centuries a symbol of craftsmanship and stylistic precision. Even Cristoforo Colombo, fascinated by their beauty and aware of their value, filled up his ship’s hold with many boxes of Murrine before setting sail for his trip. These are details of a story which Ca’VAGAN decided to follow by making precious its garments with the application of some Murrine.


Softness is the leitmotiv of all Ca’VAGAN production. Light creations, soft shapes, almost muffled.
The colors’ palette is so sober and refined.
From white to the beige and blue shades, always solid colors, reaching the must color of this brand, the grey, a recall to melancholic sky of La Serenissima.
All garments are made precious by refined details, such as the Murrine, famous expression of Venetian handicraft, and the use of applications made with precious materials, such as nacre.